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Affiliate Marketing Landing Page

This is the fifth video os complete affiliate marketing training course 2019. In this video I have explained step by step how to create a landing page or a funnel for affiliate marketing and I have covered all of the steps for creating a Professional Landing Page or Funnel.

Affiliate Marketing Training

I have used clickfunnels for creating a landing page or funnel for affiliate marketing because it is the best funnel builder out there and It is very easy to setup retergeting in clickfunnels and all of the templates used in clickfunnels are tested and sales optimised. This is a complete tutorial for setting up your landing page.

How to choose Affiliate Products

How to choose Affiliate Products

This is the third video of complete affiliate marketing training course 2019. In this video i have shown how to select best affiliate marketing products.

You can find the products at.

1) Maxweb.com
2) Maxbounty.com
3) Clickbank.com
4) Jvzoo.com
5) Amazon Affiliate Program

Or you can promote any product that you use for yourself. It is better if you buy the product first for yourself before promoting it. After watching this video you will know how to choose affiliate products doing research.

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

This is video 2 of complete affiliate marketing training course 2019 and in this video, I have shown best affiliate marketing blueprint that will help you to understand how to begin your affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing Training

In this video I have shown two blueprints one is the simple blueprint in which we are sending traffic directly to the sales page and in other blueprint we are sending traffic to landing page and we can see that how a landing page can help us grow our business. So, My recommended blueprint for best affiliate marketing is the one with landing page. And you can promote any product on internet using this blueprint. either it is clickbank product, maxweb product or maxbounty product.

Affiliate Marketing Course

Complete Affiliate Marketing Training Course 2019. This is the first video of free affiliate marketing course. In this video I have given the complete introduction to this course.

Affiliate Marketing Training

This is a best step by step course for beginners. It can be used to promote clickbank, maxweb or maxbounty or literally any affiliate programs on the internet. This course consists of total 10 videos and to learn affiliate marketing properly it is very important to watch each video of this course.

So the course contents are.

1. Introduction.

2. Best Affiliate Marketing Blueprint.

3. Product Selection.

4. Custom Domain and tracking.

5. Custom Funnels and Landing Page.

6. Email Marketing with Autoresponder.

7. Launch Your Affiliate Marketing Business.

8. Understanding the Traffic.

9. Free and Paid Traffic Sources.

10. Bonus: Next Level Affiliate Marketing Strategy.