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Dr. Cortner specializes in structural corrective chiropractic care helping individuals and family’s strive to obtain optimal health.

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CNA Remi

Remi offers Equipment Maintenance Management Solutions (EMMS) to Healthcare, Higher Education and Government. Since 1998, Remi has saved its customers more than $200 million dollars managing nearly 800,000 service events on almost 200,000 pieces of equipment. With Remi as a partner, you can save money on equipment maintenance contracts while also working with a partner that pride’s itself on these core values– respect, positive attitude, excellent communication, and passion for the work we do. We put our customers first.

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We live in constant fear in the world overloaded with destructive information. We just watch how problems progressing and becoming uncontrollable. There are chaos and mess in each part of the global system. The world is crashing down to dust and oblivion day by day. Why there is hate still exist among people? While the factories are chasing the money, they destroy the nature. We shouldn’t shrink from our responsibilities to face the problems and to win. Should we give a try to improve conditions and change the Earth? To live in harmony with no wars and discriminations? Or is the system broken?
Make a decision.


Facebook Lives For Network Marketing

In this video i’m going to give you 4 tips on what you need to be doing on your Facebook lives in 2019 to get the most views and rock your business.

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Facebook lives are here to stay and the #1 thing you need to be doing in order to grow your audience and attract customers and build team members.

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Psychological Suspense

A mother’s chance decision leads to a twist of fate that is every parent’s worst nightmare.

Psychological Suspense

Claire Rawlings doesn’t have time for the nausea overtaking her. But as the world tilts sideways, she pulls into a gas station, runs to the bathroom, and passes out. When she wakes up minutes later, her car—and her daughters—are gone…

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Therése Neaimé – Ännu ett år

Up close and personal with the Sweden/Dubai-based pop-singer Therése Neaimé when she invites us to the “Ännu ett År” (Yet another year) music video.


The Music video was filmed in February 2019 in Vasastan/Östermalm, Stockholm, Sweden.

Music: Therése Neaimé and Martin Svensson.
Produced by: Dan Sundqvist and Martin Svensson
Mastering by: Cutting Room

Production company – Future Records
Concept & Treatment: Therése Neaimé and Malin Nicander
DoP: Malin Nicander
Director: Therése Neaimé and Malin Nicander
Editer/Post: MotionArt
Dress by: MAD ELF ART
Make/hair: Therése Neaimé

Extras: Johnny Neaimé, Lucas Neaimé, Nikki Neaimé, Maria Lämber, Angelika Roberts, Maria Kessling, Åsa Granberg, Max Granberg, Lotta Kågström, Lily Kågström, Anna Jois, Jeanette Carleson, Jeanette Anglebjer, Marlene Strandberg, Roger Kjörling, Alexandra Holmgren, Angelika Skifferberg, Camilla Helander.

Location: Vasastan/Östermalm, Stockholm, Sweden

Released 2019 by: Yellow Rhinestone Records


Outsourcing the daily management activities of your IT environment means your efforts can be focused on your core competencies and business goals. As an client, you won’t have to worry about maintaining your IT hardware, managing an on-site data center, or monitoring for potential network/computer issues that could lead to downtime and profit loss; we will take care of all of that for you. In many cases, we will inform you of a problem before you even see it.


Having an unreliable computer that crashes can have a big impact on your day to day or even worse a network that goes down can cause havoc on a business’ bottom line costing thousands to fix and thousands in opportunities lost.

Stop wasting time with glitches and IT projects and get back to business!

IT Proactive is an outsourced IT Support firm that you can trust. We offer fully managed IT solutions that are simple, affordable and all-inclusive… giving your staff exceptional support while making your company’s IT, reliable, predictable and secure.

Outsourcing the daily management activities of your IT environment means your efforts can be focused on your core competencies and business goals. As an IT Proactive client, you won’t have to worry about maintaining your IT hardware, managing an on-site data center, or monitoring for potential network/computer issues that could lead to downtime and profit loss.

We specialize in offering enterprise level support to small and medium sized businesses. We are a company that believes in providing superior product offerings with unmatched knowledge and experience. We partner with companies, to provide the service of a full time IT staff or add additional resources to an internal IT department.

The world of technology is ever evolving, making it very difficult to stay ahead of the curve, so we do it for you. We can maximize the efficiency of your existing system, or design a completely new network.

Every member on our team is specialist, highly trained, and up-to date with the latest advances in network computing. Companies that handle their own in-house IT have to contend with hiring expensive employees or dealing with someone who’s just good with computers. With IT Proactive, you get the benefit of an entire team of professionals who provide up-to date 24/7 support.

Mac or pc, hosted or on site. We are equipped to handle every aspect of your computer needs. Form maintenance and security updates to network architecture and implementation.

IT Proactive offers a comprehensive flat-rate monthly fee. This allows you to create a simple yearly budget, to cover all of your IT needs, enabling you to sleep easy. Simply choose a block of hours, 80 hours for a month, or 60 hours, or whatever it is. Hours that you don’t use roll over to next month, so you’re always getting the exact amount of hours you pay for.

If anyone says that they can protect you from everything, they are either not telling the truth or they are too uninformed to provide you honest services. No system, or data is 100% secure, but working together, IT Proactive can protect you from 99% of the bad stuff that is out there.

We are a critical resource for network monitoring, with our 24/7 monitoring service we are often fixing things without you knowing it.

Any network expansion is achieved seamlessly, without downtime or slowdowns.

Requesting help used to be costly, slow, unreliable and not united with your business objectives. At IT Proactive, we feel IT should be simple, reliable, cost-effective and inline with your goals.

Important Information on Windshield Replacement

Why do you need windshield replacement? Most people assume that windshields are there to prevent them from being hit by obstacles as they drive. However, windshields are of a greater importance. It supports the car’s roof and together with other components like seatbelts and airbags, keeps the passengers and the driver inside the car when a crash occurs. Your windshield is your car’s main safety net and that’s why it needs to be replaced immediately and correctly if damaged.

There are so many risks in driving a car with a poorly done Windshield Replacement Raleigh job. In the event of a crash, a windshield that was not properly replaced will not be bonded to the vehicle upon impact. This may cause very nasty injuries or death of passengers and driver when ejected out of the vehicle.

First of all, never try to replace a windshield on your own. If your windshield is severely damaged, take your car to the auto shop and let them recommend the best method to solve the issue. Always make sure that you have taken your windshield to be repaired by a licensed auto technician. You would rather pay more but get the job done right and save your life and that of others.

There are certain mistakes that unlicensed auto technicians make when replacing windshields. There are those who go ahead to attach the windshield before cleaning it first. Others will handle the replacement job without having worn disposable rubber gloves. The result is that oil and dirt invade the bonding surface causing major contamination that may compromise the windshield.

During windshield replacement, the technician should use the right bonding agent and ensure that the windshield has fully bonded. The technician should also advise the driver or car owner that the car is not safe to drive until the adhesive cures completely. Anyone who does not take these necessary steps when replacing your windshield is preparing you for a disaster.

You need to pay attention to your windshield after it has been replaced just to be sure the job was done right. One of the common signs of poor windshield replacement is water or air leaks visible around the new windshield. In case you notice this, ask the auto technician to remove the windshield and reinstall it. If the windshield damage is not severe, you may want to repair it instead. It could be a viable option that can save you money.