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Skrizzly Adams – Resurrect Me (Official Music Video)

Skrizzly Adams inspires the unheard to find Strength in his New Video “Resurrect Me” Directed by Patrick Tohill

Skrizzly Adams Tour

Bio of Skrizzly:

Heartland rock traditionally speaks to the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of everyday people. New Jersey-born singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Skrizzly Adams keeps those traditions alive—with a twist. Sharing vivid stories through a lens of pop bombast, rock energy, and thick hip-hop production, he nods to a holy trinity of Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West, and Johnny Cash by blazing an uncharted trail.

In many ways, the artist’s ear-catching moniker sums up his mission.

Spending his childhood immersed in music, he learned multiple instruments and developed a passion for slide guiter and songwriting at a young age. Skrizzly begin properly producing out of his dorm room in 2009. Shortly after, the budding 19-year-old talent handled production for Chris Webby’s There Goes The Neighborhood EP, which soared to #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. He crafted countless songs at a recording studio in Jersey City financed by his engineering. In 2014, he independently released the 2014 EP Stains. Among its five songs, total streams exceed over 2 million and counting. That songcraft landed him a major label deal in 2015 as his single “Tipping Point” won the coveted Grand Prize at the prestigious International Songwriting Competition, placing him in league with previous victors such as The Band Perry, Bastille, Vance Joy, Passenger, Gotye and more. Simultaneously, he hit the road with the likes of Elle King and Lissie as well as going on a “House Party Tour” that took him into fans’ homes. He has garnered early praise from high-profile figures such as Perez Hilton and super producer Boi-1da.

“I play by my own rules,” he exclaims. “You don’t choose music; it chooses you. For me, it’s all about building a catalog that will speak to people and they’ll continue coming back to it. I want to deliver as much music as possible directly to the fans. That’s my mantra as an independent artist. I want to stay out on the road and remain grassroots, so I can really create something great.”

In the end, it all comes down to the songs and stories for Skrizzly—in true heartland fashion.

“I’m trying to paint a picture of life,” he leaves off. “Things go up. Things go down. I tried to make my music like that. A moment is ugly. A moment is romantic. As long as a moment is honest, it will resonate. I want to capture the intensity, frustration, and moments of passion we all experience.”

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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein and Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill and Nathan Feuerstein

Music video by NF performing Let You Down. (C) 2017 NF Real Music, LLC

Homes For Sale Goodyear AZ

Gaby and Janet take Sam to see 3 houses for sale in Goodyear Arizona. We got lost between houses and it turned into a driving tour of Goodyear.

Here are the listings for the 3 houses we shared —

Driving Tour Of Goodyear

How to dice an onion

A quick lesson for beginner cooks on how to finely chop or cut an onion safely from my new course Kitchen Dads Classroom.

Learn to cook

I have a new course out!

Kitchen Dads Classroom – Learn to be a Pro in the Kitchen!

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Does Visible Support Android

Alright guys, the moment that so many of you have been waiting very patiently for: VISIBLE PHONE SERVICE ANDROID – VISIBLE WIRELESS ANDROID SUPPORT IS FINALLY HERE!

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Ethan Brown Beyond

Alright guys, I have some very exciting news to share with you regarding: BEYOND MEAT VEGAN BACON and BEYOND MEAT STEAK – PLANS ARE IN THE WORKS!

So guys, let’s talk about it!

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New Beyond Meat Vegan Steak


Popular vegan meat brand Beyond Meat has plans to make plant-based bacon and steak, CNBC reports.

The brand became a favorite around the globe when it launched its iconic Beyond Burger, a vegan patty made from pea protein that looks, cooks, and tastes like beef – it even “bleeds,” thanks to the addition of beet juice.

Now, Beyond Meat has its sights set on other areas of the plant-based meat market. CEO Ethan Brown revealed to CNBC, “We want to make bacon, we want to make steak, we want to make the most intricate and beautiful pieces of meat.”

Meat-free bacon and steak are more difficult to produce than vegan ground meat products due to the foods’ structure, according to Ecovative, IKEA’s packaging supplier that used its mushroom technology to make vegan bacon. “When you talk to the folks who do plant-based burgers, the goal is to do a bacon cheeseburger,” the company said.

“[W]e’re reaching mainstream consumers that are interested in healthier forms of meat,” Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown told CNBC. Compared to traditional beef, the Beyond Burger offers more iron and more protein (20 grams worth). It also carries less saturated fat, total fat, and calories, and no cholesterol.

Since it launched the burger in 2016, Beyond Meat has sold 25 million burgers worldwide, according to CNBC. Ninety-three percent of people buying Beyond Meat products at supermarkets are meat eaters. “So they’re buying not only plant based meat, but they’re buying animal meat and that’s a really important breakthrough for us,” Brown said to CNBC.

Beyond Meat has not announced when it will launch its vegan bacon, but a number of brands already do. UK-based vegan meat brand SGaia, makes its streaky meat-free bacon from wheat and soy protein. Tofurky makes vegan bacon from tempeh and vegeterian brand Sweet Earth makes a hickory-smoked vegan bacon from seitan.

Homeschool Binder Organization

I share how I organized my kid’s daily homeschool curriculum binder. I don’t actually use a binder at all I use an arc or discbound notebook to keep my kiddos organized. I hope these tips and tricks on homeschool organization are helpful to you. I can’t tell you how much these homeschool arc/discbound notebooks have made our lives so much easier.

Homeschool Organization Binder

I share how I organized my kid’s daily homeschool curriculum binder. Well…actually it’s not binder at all it’s an Arc or discbound notebook. ENTER TO WIN THE GIVEAWAY HERE: links below.


Arc/Discbound Notebook Supplies
Translucent Covers
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Expansion Discs
Discbound Notebook – This comes with a cover, paper, and expansion discs
Me and My Big Ideas, The Happy Planner, Punch – I use this one because it’s an inexpensive option BUT it was really hard to punch the green folder. Also, you can only do a very limited number of pages at a time (it does not recommend using with laminated sheets so use at your own risk)
Arc Desktop Paper Punch – This one got great reviews and can hold more sheets at once. I will be getting this one when I break my Happy Planner one which I think will happen sooner than later, just because it’s not meant to do be used in such a heavy duty capacity like I’ve been doing

Deep Pantry Storage Solutions

In this video Shirlee Alicia shared how she organized her deep pantry cabinet organization. Her deep pantry shelves have been so disorganized and cluttered. They needed a serious storage solution. She hopes her deep pantry storage ideas are helpful. She can’t begin to tell you how much these pantry storage solutions have made her life so much easier.

Deep Shelf Pantry Organization

I share how I organized my deep shelf pantry organization. This deep cabinet has been so disorganized and needed a serious storage solution. I chose to use these containers and I love how it turned out. More links below.

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How To Organize Corner Cabinets

I share how I organized my upper corner kitchen cabinet using Anchor Hocking glass containers. These cabinets have been so disorganized and cluttered. They needed a serious storage solution. I hope these corner cupboard organization ideas are helpful. I can’t tell you how much these corner cabinet solutions have made my life so much easier.

Organizing Corner Cabinet

I share how I organized my corner kitchen cabinets using glass containers. These cabinets have been so disorganized and needed a serious storage solution. I chose to use these containers and I love how it turned out. More links below.

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Beyond Burger Sausage

In this video, i’m going to be showing you guys WHERE TO BUY BEYOND MEAT SAUSAGE – BEYOND SAUSAGE ONLINE – (VEGAN PLANT BASED SAUSAGE). So guys, let’s talk about it! *** Check out and shop my brand-new exclusive online store: *** Help support the channel at:

Beyond Meat Beyond Sausage

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